Top 4 Beach Recommendations in Lebanon

1. Batroun

One of the things I love about Lebanon is the beautiful weather especially around April/May where you can actually hit the beach. Lebanon’s sea coast is spectacular and so I will be sharing the top 4 beaches that are a must-go-to this summer!

One of my favorite places is The Joining. You can chill at the beach for free and can order beer & food from the joining kitchen. Try the delicious sea food and Lebanese mezza (appetizers) that they serve. Other favorite places of mine to have drinks by the beach are “Pierre & friends” and “Colonel Beach”which are excellent chilling place after a long day.

2. Tyre

One of my to-go-to places in Tyre is Cloud 59. This place oozes with good vibes. I love the diversity in this place; You can meet fun people from all over the world. This place has free entrance and inside you can order food and drinks of your choice.

3. Tripoli

In Tripoli resides many miniature islands where you can go to by a boat that cost around $7 (Make sure to bring an ID). The sandy beaches of the Rabbit Island (also called palm island) makes it a great exotic trip to take while in Lebanon. You can buy your food and drinks and head there as there is no shops on this island. A great tan is guaranteed. You can also enjoy a good underwater snorkeling.

4. Chekka

Around an hour drive from Batroun is Chekka. This place has a wonderful rocky beach with a breathtaking view. I used to go camping in Chekka at night then enjoy a good morning swim.

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